Powerful Dua to Make Someone Miss You

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Everyone has a desire that their partner misses them all the time. The “Dua to Make Someone Miss You” will make your lover mad, and he will remember the loving memories you both have spent together.

Let me give a summary of this article. So, first of all, I will explain the process of implementing the dua. Later I will describe all the precautions you have to take for performing Wazifa to make someone miss you.

The wazifa discussed here is a famously known way of praying to Almighty Allah for your wish to fulfill. If you obey this method with your soul, you will get benefit from your efforts, Insha Allah.

Dua, Wazifa to Make Someone Miss You

  1. Before beginning, make a fresh ablution.
  2. You have to recite this dua “Hasbi-allahu la ilaha illa Huwa ‘alaihi tawakkaltu wa Huwa Rab-bal ‘arshil ‘azeem” daily after every namaz (prayer) for seven times.
  3. After reading this Powerful Quranic Dua, you have to make a Dua to Allah SWT to fulfill your wish.

You have to perform this method for seven days. Insha Allah, your lover, will make a phone call to you and tell you that he is missing you a lot.

You never know how a person feels for you, so it’s challenging to create feelings for you in someone’s heart. But if you have absolute belief in this dua, it will help make everything simple for you.

I know there can be many purposes for you to read this dua. But below, I will give a solution to some common reasons that made you search this dua. So if you want, then you can also implement those methods.

If you and your lover had a terrible fight and your relationship is about to end or already finished, you should recite Wazifa For Lost Love Back.

Some times people also perform this “Powerful Dua to Make Someone Miss You” for their crush. If this is your situation, then trust me, you are making a wrong approach. You should recite Dua to make someone fall in love with you.

And if you need to convince your parents for love marriage, then read Dua to Convince Parents for Love Marriage.

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Source – At Tawbah 9:129

Rules you should know before performing Dua to make someone call you;

  • Never read this dua with wrong intentions.
  • Believe in the power of dua.
  • Be patient and wait for the results.
  • Females should avoid during periods.

To see its actual benefits if you have to make this beautiful dua a part of your praying routine.

You don’t have to be worried about the dua’s authenticity because this dua is a part of the Quran.

You can consult Mr. Bilal Khan on Whatsapp to get more help regarding any problem.

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Bilal Khan is an Islamic scholar and a Muslim astrologer. He has 24 years of experience in solving peoples problems with the help of Holy Quran Sharif.


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