Powerful Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Asslam Alaikum brothers and sisters, The Dua to convince parents for love marriage is one of the most demanded wazifa on our website.

So today, we will tell you an effective Dua to make your parents agree to the marriage of your choice. 

This article will tell you a few different duas that can help you solve this hurdle in your life. Many parents refuse the love marriage proposal of their children. But don’t worry, after finishing the Dua for love marriage, your parents will be changed, and they will support you in marrying your lover.

Firstly we will tell you the step-by-step approach to performing this dua for love marriage. Then we will tell you all the rules and regulations you have to obey throughout this dua.

To understand the entire article, you need to study Dua for love marriage to agree parents carefully, so you don’t miss any crucial point. 

Dua To Convince Parents For Your Love Marriage is in Following Steps:

Start this dua on any day and time fitting to you.

On two white papers, you have to write verses number 131 and 132 of Surah Taha.

Now keep both papers in your palm and appeal to Allah for the success of your dream and pray to make parents agree for love marriage.

Next, soak one piece of paper in water, and you have to give this water to your parents to drink.

Now cover the other paper in any cloth and keep this paper with you.

It is a one-time process, and you don’t have to repeat it. That makes this Wazifa for love marriage very simple to complete.

Dua To Convince Parents For Your Love Marriage

Insha Allah SWT, Within a few days, your parents will be convinced of the marriage of your preference. And you will notice the route of your love marriage is automatically getting clear and accessible.

The Powerful dua to convince parents to marry the person you love will assist you in solving all love marriage-associated matters. 

Prayers To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

If you consider implementing any of the methods discussed on this website, you must follow all the instructions.

Before performing “Prayers to convince parents for love marriage,” You have to make a habit of doing your prayers (Namaz) 5 times a day daily, no matter what happens. Make it a routine and follow it for your entire life.

We only tell you the wazifas and duas suggested by our Prophet SAW. So you can perform them to solve your problems.

Convincing parents for a love marriage is a hard task. But you can achieve any of your dreams if you believe in Almighty Allah. He hears all your prayers, knowing what’s best for us. 

If you want to make your parents agree with your love marriage decision, you first need to convince Allah SWT. If he starts to answer your duas, then, believe me, he will fulfill all your desire naturally.

Islamic Dua for Love Marriage to Agree & Convince Parents

  • First of all, read Durood Ibhrahimi 11 times.
  • Then Recite Surah Ikhlas 21 times after every Salah (Namaz).
  • Regularly do TAUBA ISTIGFHAAR for all your sins in your life.
  • The third step is essential.
  • In the end, again chant Durood Ibhrahimi eleven times.
  • Insha Allah, Your parents will be convinced for your love marriage.

If you think this Dua, Wazifa for Love Marriage to Agree & Convince Parents, is tough to complete, memorize its outcome because it’s a life-changing wazifa for you.

The powerful Wazifa for love marriage can help you to convince your lover to marry you.

We will also present some more Dua for Parents Approval For Marriage here, so keep reading this post.

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If you like someone and want to get married to them, but he is not interested in marrying you, then don’t worry, we also have a solution for such problems. You need to recite Dua to make someone fall in love with you. After performing wazifa to agree parents for marriage Insha Allah, you can make them mad in your love.

Powerful Duas for Love Marriage

We will provide you with some quick Duas for Love Marriage in this post segment. Here we will provide you best and fast working duas for love marriage-related problems. Stay tuned.

If you like our work, then please share it with other people. Sharing is caring.

Dua for Love Marriage Acceptance

Acceptance from parents and society is very important in a love marriage. Follow Dua for love marriage acceptance to deal with such issues. First, read any Durood Sharif three times. Then read verses no—131 & 132 of Surah Taha. In the end, again recite the same Durood Sharif.

Insha Allah, within a few days, you will find changes in the behaviors of your parents. Women should avoid it during their periods. You have to be in ablution.

you can read Dua To Get Married To A Specific Person if you want to marry someone you love.

No matter the reason for parents’ objections, dua can be a powerful tool to convince Parents of your love marriage Dua should be done with sincerity and concentration. It is important to remember that dua is not a magic potion – it will not automatically make parents agree to the marriage. However, it can help change their hearts and open their minds to the possibility that this marriage could be successful. Dua can also help ease any fears or concerns they may have about the relationship. Ultimately, it is up to Allah.

Dua to Convince In-Laws For Love Marriage

If you want to convince your in-laws of your love marriage, this dua will help you. After every namaz, recite Ya Wadoodo 11 times. Then make a Dua to Almighty Allah (SWT) to convince your in-laws for your love marriage.

Keep reading this Ya wadoodo Wazifa for Love Marriage until you see the results. Insha Allah, within a month, you will see positive results.

While making the dua, you have to focus on all your issues regarding your marriage. It will help you solve all kinds of troubles in your married life.

In a love marriage, both the bride and groom choose each other based on love and attraction, rather than arranged by their families. This can often be a difficult decision for parents to accept. They may have concerns about the stability of the relationship or about how the couple will support each other financially. In some cases, the parents may be opposed to their child marrying someone outside of their faith or culture.

Dua To Solve Every Love Marriage Problem

There can be countless more significant difficulties that can build barriers in your love marriage. But don’t worry; if you have hope in Allah SWT, all your issues will be gone.

In the image given below, we offer a verse that can help you solve any problem in your life.

Dua to Solve Every Love Marriage Problem

Insha Allah, After reading this, Dua, all of your problems will go away. You have to keep your trust in ALLAH and continue reading this verse. You don’t have to stop because Allah will help you no matter what happens.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do if my parents are against love marriage in Islam?

If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do. First, try to have an open and honest conversation with your parents about your feelings. It’s possible they simply don’t understand how you feel and why you want to get married. Explain your reasons and see if they’re willing to budge at all.
Otherwise you can recite Dua for love marriage to convince your parents. First of all make wuzu. Then recite Bismillah 11 times. After that recite Surah yasin three times and blow on some water and pray to Allah to convince your parents. In the end, give this water to your parents.
Remember you can only perform this method if the person you love is a true muslim.

Which dua is good for marriage?

The best dua for marriage is Surah Taha, Recite it daily after fajr prayer everyday. Then pray to Allah in helping you to get married.

What is the name of Allah to recite for marriage?

If you want to recite Allah’s name for marriage then you should make a fresh ablution, then recite durood shareef three time, After that Read name ALLAH 1000 times. In the end again recite Durood shareef three times and pray to Almighty lord for marriage.

Things to remember before performing this Dua to make parents agree to love marriage

We want to discuss some significant factors that you should consider before beginning the Powerful Dua for love marriage to agree with parents

First of all, you should have true intentions in your heart. I mean, you can’t force anyone into a love marriage. You should not follow the steps if you are not severe and definite about your choice to marry your lover.

Only perform if your lover is also a Muslim or if they are willing to convert to Islam before the wedding.

Parents are strict in the Muslim community; they will always prefer an arranged marriage over a love marriage. They have reasons we will not get into it; otherwise, this article will become lengthy.

But it would be best if you also considered your parent’s decision. If you are serious about love marriage, you should perform this wazifa to convince parents for love marriage, and Insha Allah, you will get the benefits.

You can also check Dua for marriage with a loved one because we had mentioned the Dua to Convince in-laws for Love Marriage in that article.

Important Note: Don’t take that other paper with you in the washroom and toilets. Females are not allowed to perform this wazifa during their menses/periods.

If you believe nothing is working for you, there is a special dua that can help you agree. The Dua to make someone agree with you can help you convince any person against your marriage. The only essential factor for a dua to work is faith in Almighty Allah (SWT).

The Surah Rahman is also helpful in solving marriage-related issues. You can read our article about Surah Rahman’s benefits to understand it properly.


  1. I have a problem with my in-Law. I have been dating her daughter almost four years. I am not sure what do so she can agree with us to get married. I have been praying everyday. She never met me before. She thinks that I am not the right person for her daughter but her daughter loves me too. I am not sure what to do.
    Please advise,




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