Dua For Good Relationship Between Husband And Wife

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Dua For Good Relationship Between Husband And Wife

Asalam-Alaikum, I hope you all are good and well. Today we are sharing a Dua For Good Relationship Between Husband And Wife. We all know that Good relationships between Husband And Wives increase their happiness, love, improve health and reduce stress in their life.

Studies show that people with healthy and good relationships have more happiness and less stress in their lives, But we also know that All love relationships go through ups and downs.

They all take love, care, work, commitment, and a willingness to adapt and change with your partner. But whether your relationship is just starting or you’ve been together for years, there are specific Islamic duas that can build a healthy and good relationship between both husband and wife.

Steps To Perform A Dua for Good Relationship Between Husband And Wife

  1. Make a Fresh Wuzu ( Ablution)
  2. Make sure to sit in the same room where you perform your daily namaaz.
  3. Read Durood Ibrahim eleven (11) times.
  4. Now recite “Subhaanal-laahi wa bihamdihi, Subhaanal-laahil-‘Adheem” 101 times.
  5. Now-Again Read Durood Ibrahim eleven (11) times.
  6. Take Some Crystals of Sugar Recite “Subhaanal-laahi wa bihamdihi, Subhaanal-laahil-‘Adheem” one time and blow it on the crystals of sugar.
  7. Now Make Dua to Allah SWT to make your relationship good and healthy.
  8. Take these crystals now add them to sweet or food. You can also add these crystals to Tea or coffee. After adding them, Give them to your husband.

Insha Allah, Your Dua will work with luck and effort, and you will see changes happening in your relationship. Your relationship that had been in a rut for a while will start to flourish.

Dua for Good Relationship Between Husband And Wife
You can read Dua for Good Relationship Between Husband And Wife to have a happy married life.

Dua For Healthy Relationship with Husband

Every relationship in your life is based on emotional intimacy. If you don’t connect emotionally with the other person, be it your husband, your wife, your partner, your relationship might not continue to be as strong as you wish it to be.

It is true that the older your relationship with someone, the stronger your bond with that person. There are times when all of it flows naturally, and it’s more like an effortless relationship.

But if it isn’t and you wish to strengthen that bond between you two, you might have to walk the extra mile and put in some effort to bring your partner closer to you on an emotional level.

We’ve got you Islamic and halaal ways that you can use to strengthen an emotional bond with your husband or wife. Some women are victims of Hard luck where their relationship with their husbands has no longer that healthy tone that it once used to have.

All these problems have answers in Dua For Healthy Relationship With Husband. You Can also do Powerful Dua To Bring Husband and wife Closer to create love in your partner’s heart.

Steps To Perform A Dua For Healthy Relationship with Husband

  1. Make A Fresh ablution.
  2. You have to recite Surah Fatiha with this Ayat ”Subhanaka la ilaha illa anta ya rabba kulli shai in wa waris hoo wa” 15 times.
  3. Now Read Durood E Shareef 3 Times
  4. Again Recite this Ayat With Surah Fatiha 15 times
  5. Now Blow it on the Picture of your husband or wife.
  6. Now Make a Prayer To Allah SWT For a healthy relationship with your husband.

Inshallah, Your Problem will get Solved after this. You should keep in mind during performing this dua that this dua will work slowly.

If you want your partner to fall madly in love with you, you can also read Dua to make someone fall in love with you here.

Dua for Husband Love

The Dua to increase love in your husband’s hearts can help a woman to make her husband mad in her love. Marriage is a beautiful relationship, but with time couples can lose interest in each other. The Dua for Husband Love can help you to have a happily married life.

By reciting Dua for husband wife love, you can pray to Almighty Allah (SWT). Read the dua given in the image below.

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