Powerful Dua To Get Your Husband Back

AssalamuAlaikum, All my married sisters are welcome to our website. Today we will tell you about a powerful Dua to get your husband back. This method will help you to bring your husband back into your life.

Marriage is a beautiful and most important part of human life. Mutual understanding between a couple is the most important factor for a happy married life. Sometimes there could be a ton of reasons behind the unhealthy relationship.

With the help of Dua to get your husband back, you can solve all the issues between you and your husband. The Dua for someone to come back to you is a powerful Islamic method, so keep your faith in Almighty Allah (SWT).  It is a halal method to make your husband love you again.

Beautiful Dua To Get Your Husband Back

If you are reading this, then I can imagine what pain you are facing right now, sister. Don’t worry; Allah will guide you and save you from all kinds of troubles. So, if you want to get your husband back, then please, sister, read this article properly. It has all the solutions you seek.

Here are all the steps and precautions you should take before and while performing the Dua to get your husband back in your life-

  • You can start this Dua on any day you want, but you have to avoid the days of the menstrual cycle.
  •  In the Morning, drink a glass of Zamzam water, as it will help you gain focus and positivity. Keeping yourself calm and positive will help you get the best results.
  •  Dua is a method to communicate with Almighty Allah SWT, so you have to keep complete faith and trust in this Dua for your husband’s love back.
  •  Find a quiet and clean place in your house where nobody will disturb you, and you can perform the dua with dedication.
  •  Making a fresh wudu (Ablution) is recommended because it is a state of spiritual and physical purity.
  •  Sit on your prayer mat and keep your face towards qibla while performing Dua to get your husband back.
  •  Recite Surah al Quraysh (chapter 106) three times. Then, You can Pray in your language by telling what you really need from Almighty Allah.
  •  After making the Dua, you must ask for forgiveness of the sins that you may have committed in the past.
  •  Now end your dua by reading Durood Sharif three times and showing your appreciation towards Allah SWT.
  •  You need to perform this same process for 21 days without skipping a single day. Insha Allah, You will get your husband back by performing this dua.

I know you must be having bad thoughts thinking about the future of your marriage. You can read Dua to stop a divorce if your marriage is on the verge of breaking.

Method of Performing Dua To Get Husband Back

<strong>Here is the step by step process to perform Dua To Get Your Husband Back In Your Life –</strong>

Perform this dua after every Salah

It is important that you perform all compulsory prayers to get desired results. Read verse no. 21 of Surah-An-Nisa 50 times.

Recite the Following Verse of Surah-An-Nisa 50 times

Wa kaifa ta’khuzoonahoo wa qad afdaa ba’dukum ilaa ba’dinw wa akhazna minkum meesaaqan ghaleezaa [Verse 21]


Then ask Almighty Allah (SWT) to return your husband in your life. Keep doing this, Dua, until you see positive results.

You need to remember you can’t perform Wazifa to make your husband crazy in love during the menstrual cycle.

Dua To Get Your Husband Back

Steps to perform Dua To Get My Husband Back Fast

  1. Make a fresh absolution.
  2. Recite Darood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Then read the following verse 101 times “Allahuma anzuria wanzuri alfarq bayn adam wahawa”.
  4. Again recite Darood Sharif 11 times.
  5. Now ask Allah SWT to fulfill your wish.
  6. Insha Allah, you will get your husband back within a few days.
Dua To Get My Husband Back Fast
This image shows the process of performing Dua To Get My Husband Back Fast.

Are you looking for a method to bring your husband or wife’s love back for you? If yes, then read Dua for Love Back; it can help you get your partner unconditional love forever.

Wazifa For Bring Your Husband Back

Follow these steps to perform “Wazifa For Bring Your Husband Back” properly: Before starting the wazifa you need to keep 11 black peepers with you

  • Make a fresh ablution
  • Sit on your prayer mat
  • Read Durood Sharif 11 times
  • Recite Ya Latifu Ya Wadudu 1100 times
  • In the end, again read Durood Sharif 11 times
  • Now blow on 11 pieces of black peepers and set them on fire

You need to follow this process of “Wazifa to Bring Your Husband Back” for 41 days. Insha Allah, your husband will come back to you, and he will fall in love with you madly. Just keep your complete faith in Almighty Allah (SWT). Surah For Husband Love in Islam will guide you about all the practice you can perform to keep your husband-wife relationship healthy.

Wazifa to Bring Your Husband Back
Read the process of Wazifa to Bring Your Husband Back.

Powerful Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife

Are you in a situation when your husband left you? Do you want to know how to get him back? Then Dua to reunite husband and wife will help you.

There are many reasons why your husband might not show you the love he used to. Is it because he’s overworked, depressed, insecure, or just having a bad day? Maybe you’ve done something to annoy him, or he doesn’t feel like he can talk to you about what’s on his mind? Whatever the reason may be, there’s always hope!

A husband can read Dua To Bring Wife Back if his wife has left him and he wants to get her back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which dua to recite to get my husband back home?

If a woman want to get her husband back in her life then she should read “Allahum-sullai ala Mohammad Wa A’l Mohammad”. Also paying “4 steps” at night, and says in the “Sujood” 400 times “Mashaa’lah. This method will help to remove any kind of misunderstandings between husband and wife.

Is there any Surah to get your husband back?

Read verses 29 and 30 of surah Yusuf and blow on a glass of water and give your husband to drink. Perform this method for 21 days and you will notice that your husband is again falling in your love.

What is Islamic Way To Get Your Husband Back?

Husbands are one of the most important things in life to have, but what happens when they start to drift away? Do you want to know how you can win them back by reading Islamic Dua?
The Dua for husband love is a simple method to make your husband feel your love.
There are a lot of situations when it would be really easy to give up on a relationship. It’s not always going to be easy, but if you have a good reason to make an effort, it might be worth it! In this article, find out about the power of making “Dua To Get Your Husband Back” and how it can help you heal your heart and rekindle your love.
This method works the same as Dua to bring husband and wife closer. So you can put your faith in this method and see the results for yourself.

Here is Video Explanation of Two Powerful Quranic Methods To Bring Your Husband Back:

The Wazifa to make your husband come back will always help you maintain a happy relationship with your husband.

If your husband doesn’t respect you then read Dua for husband to listen to his wife it will help you to make your husband understand your love and importance.


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