Powerful Dua To Forget Someone Completely

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Are you facing a love failure? Today we will share Dua to forget someone because we know it is hard to jump out from an unsuccessful relationship. We hope this powerful Islamic dua will help you to forget your ex-lover.

Nowadays, many young teenagers fall madly in love with the wrong partner, which doesn’t work for a long time. It’s tough to forget someone whom you loved madly. But this article will help you to ignore such unworthy peoples.

We know it is not easy to neglect a person whom you have known for a long time. We will request you to follow this method with your heart, and you will surely see a difference. Dua to forget someone you love is so useful that you will feel relaxed from the first day.

Dua To Forget Someone

Before getting forward, let’s talk about the reason behind the use of Dua to forget someone completely. We are not saying that this situation can only appear in a teenager’s life. Even a mature person can feel the need for such wazifas because, as people say, “Love is blind.”

We want to clarify that the Dua to forget someone forever mentioned here is a simple method to ask Allah (SWT) to fulfill your wish as there is no specially mentioned dua for such issue in Qur’ān and Sunnah.

We are posting this article because other people on the internet were posting nonsense on how to forget a person by dua. So we don’t want any Muslim brother or sister to fall for such traps.

We have full faith in Almighty that if someone makes this dua with pure heart, then he/she will be able to move on in life. We know it’s not our style to post any dua without any reference, but we want to protect our Muslim brothers and sisters from committing sins.

Dua to forget someone you love

All the steps to perform this dua are mentioned below. If you know us, then you know that we don’t post anything senseless. This dua will Insha Allah help you to forget your ex-lover. Perform this dua at any time of the day with 100% faith and confidence in Allah Zille Shanahu.

  • Patiently make a fresh ablution.
  • Sit on prayer mat With full sincerity.
  • Read Durood Shareef three times.
  • Then recite the pak and lovely name of Allah Ta’ala HasbunALLAHU Wane’mal Wakeel 300 times.
  • Again read Durood Shareef three times.
  • In the last step, make a dua in your own words in any language with full faith and trust in Allah Subhanahu Wata’ Ala.

You have to perform “Dua to forget someone” entirely for 21 days without skipping a single day. Women should skip during the days of menstrual cycles. You can also read Dua to get what you want.

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Insha Allah, just within three days, you will feel that your anxiety is getting low, and soon you will be able to move on from your past relationship.

If you read Dua To Make Relationship Stronger, you will not need this wazifa to disremember someone.

How can you forget a person with the help of Islamic Wazifa?

Getting trapped in the memories of someone very dear to you is a challenging situation for anyone. We will suggest you leave such bitter memories in the past and focus on your future.

The Wazifa to forget someone you love can be used to forget anyone. You should put your faith in Almighty Allah SWT and pray him to make your life better by making you forget the memories of your ex-lover.

For example, you have a best friend who is mean to you, and you want to leave that selfish person and want to move on in your life, but you think you can’t forget him.

Suppose you are a woman who just got divorced because you were married to a very abusive man. If your marriage is on a point of divorce and you want to save it then recite Dua to stop divorce. Now you want to forget him, but you are having trouble doing that. Women have a soft heart because Almighty Allah (SWT) has given them this gift.

Is there any Dua to forget someone?

Do you still miss your ex-lover? If you want to get him back in your life, then Dua for Someone to Come Back can help you. But if you think you have tried everything and now you can’t get him/her back in your life. Then it’s a problematic situation for you. There is no special Du’aa for this purpose. Du’aa, in your own words, is most effective.

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Bilal Khan is an Islamic scholar and a Muslim astrologer. He has 24 years of experience in solving peoples problems with the help of Holy Quran Sharif.


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