Which Surah to Read For Husband Love in Islam

As-Salam-Alaikum to all my sisters reading this article. Many sisters ask us to give them a surah they can read to make their husbands love them. Today we will tell you about surah for husband love in Islam.

There are many duas and surah that can help you make your husband fall in love madly. Many women feel they have lost the spark in their marriage after a few years. It is a common issue, but if you read this post carefully, you will find a solution to all your problems with your husband.

The surah to make husband love you is an effective Islamic prayer that can make your husband again fall in your love. If you feel your husband is abusive and does not know how to keep a woman happy, this Dua for husband love will make your husband respect you.

The Dua to reunite husband and wife is a Quranic remedy to solve fights between husband and wife. Sometimes, a husband and wife get separated due to fights. The surah and dua can help you to get your husband back in your life.

Some Suggestions Before Starting Surah To Make Your Husband Love You Again:

  • Always remember to make a fresh wuzu before performing the Dua.
  • Your intention should be pure.
  • Sometimes a Dua can take a longer time to show its results, but you have to keep your complete faith in Allah SWT.
  • Patience is essential if you want to get good results by performing surah for your husband.
  • You have to avoid reading surah during periods.
  • Don’t tell anyone that you are reading a dua for your husband.

To gain your husband’s love and affection, you must recite the following surah for 21 days. It will help you to create love in your hubby’s heart for you.

“Surah For Husband Love” in 4 easy steps:

  1. First, make a fresh wuzu and sit in a quiet place.
  2. After that, recite Surah Al Fatiha three times.
  3. Then read Surah Al Muzzamil three times.
  4. In the end, raise your hands and pray to Allah SWT to make your husband love you.

The surah for husband love is a Dua to ask Allah to make him fall in your love. This surah is easy to perform, and your husband will stay loyal and respectful toward you forever.

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Surah Kausar for Husband Love:

  1. Firstly take a bath.
  2. Then read durood sharif 11 times.
  3. After that, recite Surah Kausar three times.
  4. Again read Durood Sharif 11 times.
  5. In the end, request Allah for your husband’s love.

Surah Kausar is a powerful dua if you want to gain your husband’s affection. You have to read Surah Kausar for 11 days. Even if you get the results, do not leave the wazifa in the middle.

Surah Kausar for husband love can increase your husband’s interest in you. The results you can get by reading this powerful surah for husband are beyond your imagination.

Surah Juma To Make Husband Love You:

  1. Keep a glass of water near you.
  2. Perform Ablution to clean yourself.
  3. Recite Ayatul Kursi Three times.
  4. After that, read Surah Juma 11 times.
  5. Then blow on that glass of water.
  6. In the last step. Give that water to your husband and wish to get his love.

If a woman repeats this process of Surah Juma for husband love for 11 days, she will get his husband’s, true love. Surah Juma is an Islamic Dua that can solve all the problems in a marriage.

Surah Juma To Make Husband Love You, Surah for husband love
Steps to perform Surah Juma To Make Husband Love You

If someone is trying to separate you from your husband, then the wazifa to make husband crazy in love can restore your relationship with your husband.

Surah To Make My Husband Love Me:

If you want to make your husband love you, you can read Surah Ikhlas seven times after fajr salat. Recite Durood Shareef seven times before and after reading the “surah to make your husband love you.”

A woman can read Surah ikhlas wazifa for husband love and pray to Almighty Allah SWT for seven days.

Misunderstandings can cause a difference in a couple. If a sister thinks her communication is not good with her husband, she has tried everything. Still, it is not improving her relationship. She can perform this Islamic method to improve her married life.

Benefits of Reading Surah For Husband Love Back:

  • The first and most important benefit is that your efforts will get fast results.
  • The effects of this surah are lifelong.
  • Reading a Surah to ask for help from Allah is a halal method.
  • Reading a Surah will help you develop a habit of reading the Holy Quran.
  • If someone performs surah for husband love, Allah will guide her partner and keep him safe.

Sometimes my innocent Muslim sisters fall into the trap of wrong people who promise to make their husbands fall in love with them, but these frauds ask for Money, and in return, they don’t help.

If you recite surah for husband love back with trust in Almighty Allah SWT, you don’t need anyone to help you. A dua is a powerful method to fulfill your wish.

Conclusion –

When you read the whole article, you will conclude that there are so many surahs and which one is for me. So sister, don’t get confused. That is to say you can recite any one of the above lists. It is all about intentions and efforts. If you recite any Surah to make your husband love you again with faith in Allah, we promise your husband will love you in a way you can’t even think about.

If you think you have made a mistake in the past and you are having problems now due to that sin, then say Astaghfirullah 50 times in the start.

Marriage is all about trust and love; however sometimes, people get jealous and try to make a couple fight each other. Don’t worry; the surah for husband love will keep you safe from the evil eye of such people.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Surah of Quran is about husband and wife?

There are many Surah and verses of the Quran which tells us about husband and wife, but verse no. 34 of Surah Nisa talks about the husband’s responsibility towards her wife.

How can I make my husband love me in Islam?

If you want to make your husband love you in Islam, then you can recite Dua for husband love, and the method for that is to recite durood sharif three times at the start, then read surah Fatiha three times. End your dua by reciting durood sharif three times. In the end, wish for your husband to love you.

How can I increase love in my husband heart?

Read Dua to increase love in the husband’s heart; First, make a wuzu, then recite Surah Yasin three times and then pray to Allah to increase love in your husband’s heart. Increasing love in your husband’s heart is not hard if you don’t backbite and praise him. Always value what he does for you, no matter how small they look.

Many women have been helped by this amazing survivor of husbands in the past. Insha Allah, you will be able to make your husband fall in your love.

If you have doubts about performing any surah, you can ask Bilal Khan Ji for help on WhatsApp. We hope this article has answered all your questions, but you can comment below with your question we will answer asap.


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