Dua & Wazifa To Convince Someone For Marriage

Making a dua (prayer) Wazifa to convince someone of something is a very powerful act. Allah (SWT) can help us change another person’s heart, Insha’Allah.

When we make this dua, we should be sincere in our intentions and hope that Allah will help us persuade the other person. We should also make dua for their guidance and repentance if needed. Let’s learn more about how to make this powerful Dua To Convince Someone and what it can do for us!

The Dua To Convince Someone is a very special and blessed Dua. The main purpose of this wazifa is to ask Allah SWT to help you convince someone of something. This Dua can be used when you need to convince others of your point of view, whether you want someone to obey you at work, in your personal life, or any other condition. If you are going through tough times, you can read Dua to make things easy.

The Dua can be recited as many times as you like, and it will remain effective as long as your intention is sincere. When reciting the Wazifa To Convince Someone, it is important to visualize the person you wish to convince and imagine them agreeing with you. The Dua is a powerful tool that, if used correctly, can help you achieve your goals.

How To Perform Dua or Wazifa To Convince Someone?

If You want to convince someone for something, then perform the following Wazifa step by step-

  1. Ablution

    First of all, make a Ablution (wudu).

  2. Durood Sharif

    Recite any Durood Sharif 11 times in the start.

  3. Surah Fatir

    After that, read Surah Fatir from the holy Quran.

  4. Again recite Durood Sharif

    Then, you have to again recite Durood sharif 11 times and imagine that person’s face (for whom you are performing) and blow on it.

  5. Pray to Allah SWT

    In the end, raise your hands and ask Allah to convince that person for you.

You need to perform Wazifa To Convince Someone for something for seven days. If you face any issues in performing the following Dua then you can consult Bilal Bhai for guidance.

Wazifa To Convince Someone, Wazifa To Convince Someone for Marriage

Insha Allah, within Seven days, you will see that person is ready to agree with you on every positive thing.

The Dua For Love Marriage in Islam is a way which can help you to solve all kind of marriage related problems.

Dua To Convince Someone for Marriage is an extremely popular Dua that Muslims recite worldwide to create love and understanding between two people. You can use Dua To Convince Someone for a variety of different purposes. Such as helping convince a friend or family member to make a life-changing decision or simply helping build bridges between two people who are having problems communicating with each other.

Dua To Convince Someone For Marriage

1. You need to perform this dua after every salah.
2. First of all, recite Surah Taha three times.
3. After that, repeat The Holy Name of Allah Ya Muhaimin 303 times.
4. In the end, raise your hands and ask Allah to convince that person for your marriage.
If you want to convince someone for marriage with the help of a Dua, then you can follow these steps.
Dua To Convince Someone For Marriage

Dua To Convince Someone For Marriage is an Islamic dua that is very useful to convince your loved ones or someone special for marriage. Dua To Convince Someone For Marriage has been taken from the Holy Quran, and it is very powerful. Many people have used Dua To make someone obey you to convince their loved ones or someone special to marry successfully.

Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage is very effective, and it will help you convince your loved ones or someone special for marriage. Dua To Convince Someone is very simple and easy to recite. You can recite Dua To Convince Someone For Marriage as many times as possible. Wazifa To Convince Someone For Marriage is very helpful, and it will help you convince your loved ones or someone special for marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you make a dua for someone you want to marry?

If you want to perform a dua for someone you want to marry, then, first of all, perform wudu, recite Durood Shareef in the start and then say your dua (prayer) and again recite Durood Shareef and in the end, ask Allah to listen and answer to your dua.

Can I pray to Allah to marry a specific person?

Yes, you can pray to Allah if you want to marry someone of your choice. There is nothing wrong if a man or woman wants to marry a person they like and wants to spend the rest of their life with each other. Allah will answer your duas; have faith and love in your prayers.

How to get someone to marry you in Islam?

First of all, Islam only allows someone to marry a person with their consent. So if the person is ready to marry you, there is no problem, but if there are doubts in their heads, then you can ask Allah by praying to Dua to make someone marry you.

Purpose of Reciting Dua To Convince Anyone For Something


Sometimes its really hard to make your parents to agree for something you want. You can read this prayer if you wish is lawful and reasonable. Our beloved Allah SWT have given us right to make your parents understand your point of view. You can read this dua to make your parents agree for your marriage, or any other legit reason but you should not try to use it for wrong purpose.

Husband or Wife

Husband-wife relationship is really special. Difference of opinion between husband and wife is really normal because they both have separate thinking. Sometimes there can be major decisions to make and they can make a major impact on your life but you spouse is not listing or trying to understand your concern. In such situations, you have complete right to ask Allah for help and you can recite Dua to convince someone.

Boss and employers

If you are an employ and working for a job and want your boss to agree with you in something. You will surely have desire to have a increment or rise in your salary, or you want to work on something which can help you in your carrier. Maybe you lack confidence or temperament to ask your rude boss for your genuine wishes. In such case you must try this prayer.

You can also recite Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage To solve marriage-related issues.

The Dua To Convince Someone for Marriage itself is very simple and consists of only a few words. No one should underestimate the power of its message. If you are looking for a way to improve your relationships with the people around you, then regularly reciting Dua To Convince Someone is worth considering.


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