Powerful Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

Asslam Alaikum, Today we will discuss a fascinating Dua To Attract Someone Toward You. This Islamic method of attracting someone towards you will help you make your husband/crush fall in love with you.

For a human being, it’s common to feel attracted to a person. But what if the person you feel drawn toward doesn’t even know you? How can you come to their notice, and how can you make them feel excellent about you?

Don’t worry about this Islamic Dua for making someone attracted to you will answer your queries.

Many young people try all sorts of things to gain their crush’s attention. The Dua For Attraction can help you change their minds about you. Read on to learn more about Dua for love. Listed below are some of the methods to perform the Dua For Attraction.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Starting Dua To Attract Someone Towards You –

  • Always conduct wuzu (Ablution) before starting the dua.
  • Wear neat and clean clothes.
  • Keep faith in Almighty Allah and complete the dua with full dedication.
  • The most important thing for this wazifa to work is for you to have pure purposes.
  • Always perform Dua to Attract someone towards you at the same time and place.

Dua To Attract Someone Toward You In 5 Simple Steps:

Here is the step by step process to perform Dua To Attract Someone Toward You –

First of all, remember always to wear clean clothes when praying.

Find a comfortable place away from distractions and make yourself a comfortable position.

Then, put a picture of the person you want in front of your prayer mat.

When praying, look at the photo and recite the verse “Iihum Ruksaar Nigham e Noor.”

You must repeat it at least 101 times.

Continue this process for at least 15 days. Insha Allah, you will notice the change in other person’s behavior towards you. He will start giving you importance, which will signify success. Read Dua for husband love and Attraction if you want to perform this for your spouse.

Dua To Attract Someone Toward You
Here is Dua To Attract Someone Toward You step by step

Do You Want To Attract Someone Towards You?

The Wazifa to make someone attracted towards you can be performed by either a male or a female. The most effective way to make a “Dua to attract someone” work is to mix it with deep faith in Allah.

Hope is one of the most potent weapons against any trouble. Combined with a Dua for love back, it can help you get what you want effortlessly.

5 Easy Steps to perform Wazifa For Making Someone Attracted Towards You

  1. Take a bath and wear neat and clean clothes.
  2. Read Durood Sharif seven times.
  3. Now recite “Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu Ya Raheem” 333 times.
  4. Again read Durood Sharif seven times.
  5. In the end, Make dua to Almighty Allah (SWT) to make that person get attracted towards you.

You know only Allah can change someone’s heart. Insha Allah, If you have faith in the Almighty, you will get desired results within a few days. Remember to continue this process for seven days. If you want to attract your ex, read Wazifa to get lost love back in your life.

Wazifa For Making Someone Attracted Towards You
Read Wazifa For Making Someone Attracted Towards You step by step.

Attracting someone towards you is not easy to perform, but you can achieve anything with complete faith in Almighty Allah. We will request you to perform this wazifa for attraction with pure intentions. The Dua to get what you want can help you ask anything from Allah (SWT).

Video explanation For Wazifa & Dua To Attract Someone Toward You:

The following video explains two Quranic methods to perform Dua for attraction. It will be easy for you to understand. If you still have any doubts, you can comment below, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Quranic Ways to Attract Someone Towards You

The Dua for love is helpful to boost your confidence to approach the person you love.

The most important part of the Wazifa To Attract Someone is its confidentiality. It would be best if you did not share it with anyone. Keeping the wazifa secret can attract a woman/man to you. However, the Wazifa Dua is not a magic spell that can create a magical effect but will work.

Do you have a crush on someone? Recite Dua to make someone fall in love with you; it will help you make your crush crazy in your love.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any Dua to attract my husband?

Yes, you can attract your husband towards you by reading Ya Wadudu 1000 times after every prayer. This simple dua will increase love and loyalty between a husband and wife. You need to perform Dua to attract husband for 21 days regularly.

How Ruqyah Used For Love And Attraction?

You can use Ruqyah for any purpose with complete faith in Allah SWT. To get proper results you need to keep your intentions pure. Insha Allah you will be able to charm the person you want to attract towards you.

Is there any Surah to attract my boyfriend towards me?

Yes if you want to attract your lover (boyfriend/girlfriend) towards you then you can read surah taha for 11 days after fajr prayer. You have to recite Durood sharif in the start and end of reading the surah to attract my boyfriend towards me.


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