I am in love with a non Muslim girl what should I do?

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Ibrahim Ahmed asked 2 weeks ago

Hello, this is Ibrahim, and I want to get your advice concerning making dua for guidance of a girl who is probably not Muslim. This girl is half Uzbeki and half Russian, who currently lives in South Korea. She is 21 years old, and I am also the same age. In Korea she was influenced by all types of people, and as result, she seems like she became Christian(her parents, I believe, at least one of them died, so she has a step father). I have been making dua for her for very long time. My heart aches in being super worried if she will be guided or not. I feel like I cannot even eat food anymore because of the tremendous worry. She still does not have a boyfriend at the age of 21, but her career is modeling, and I fear, at any moment, she can be consumed by the darkness that exists in this world. I have been making dua so much. I now try to regularly attend the Fajr prayer at the mosque, and have always prayed every other prayer at the Mosque, and make constant dua for her guidance, and to become my wife. I have also never had any girlfriend in my life, and my friends are all guys, and no girls(eventhough a lot of woman tried to come close to me, I denied them for Allah). Her becoming Muslim will be the happiest thing for me in the entire world. Becoming my wife, and I will be inshAllah, forever grateful!

I have a very strong desire for woman, and once I like a woman, I cannot ever forget about her. My soul, heart, and everything will be for this woman to become Muslim. Only until, Allah reveals to me she is not for me(it is almost always through dream) and/or when my body and mind subconsciously starts avoiding her despite liking this person a lot, then will I start to distance away from the girl. Still keeping them in my dua.

This feeling of mine happened so many times. Around, like, 7 times through going to highschool and into College. Everytime it happens, it really makes my heart feel so much pain, and as result, I try to make as much dua as possible for this girl to become Muslim.

Tears fall from my eyes when I imagine her getting punished. I cry when I imagine her maybe she is gonna be misguided. I cry when I feel my dua is not effective at all. At least, so far, this half Uzbeki girl, seems to be going in an alright way, but still full of worries. I even cried in a public space for being super worried.

I try to sleep a lot, to get message from Allah through dreams concerning her, but so far, nothing bad so far. Even had a dream she was praying, but then later choked by her surrounding “friends(which I feel shaytan interfered to bother the dream).” I guess this is a good sign so far? My heart still worries a ton, and I just cannot handle it I feel. I just feel super worried, if she can become Muslim, I will be the happiest person ever. If she does not, I will be one of most sad. But, this is all to Allah, I know, he is the most kind and merciful, way more than I am, but it worries me if she is just not one of guided. Is it possible for her to be one of my Hoor Al Ayn instead of being punished? Maybe she is a Muslim, but not practicing well. InshAllah.

Can dua turn someone from unguided to guided? Why did Allah choose this specific woman to occupy my heart? The only woman from my experience, who I can happily want to even marry(looks wise, perfect for me, personality wise, perfect for me)? This girl is pretty famous for singing, and I make dua for a miracle to happen to guide her to Islam. Even the worst of people became Muslim, so I ask for a beautiful pretty girl to become Muslim as well. So that she may become the light for the believers granted through infinite light from Allah.

I remember I did make dua to guide as many girls through me, which may be why I feel this way. Allah wants me to make dua for them, constantly, she needs it. I am not planning to end the duas anytime soon, unless I am revealed she is one of misguided. But, why would Allah make me make dua for someone who is not even gonna be one of guided? Why did Allah make me like someone, so much that I spend nights crying to Allah to guide her?

I use these questions to say, inshAllah she will become Muslim. Maybe not now, or anytime soon, but inshAllah she becomes Muslim, and inshAllah my wife. My hope. Her name is Elina, so please include her in your duas too. It really helps anything.