I have issue about choosing right pious

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Shakirullah asked 4 months ago

Salam, am Shakir Ullah, I have issue about choosing right pious.
I make some dua on it and I receive a reveal that my dua had been accepted, on that same day I saw a Muslimah and I propose to her(she said he have some is dating and love so much) but the surprising on the second day that I continue with my dua I receive another reveal that is not the one, I was so sad and anxious about it.
While continuing with the relationship with the lady I dreamt that my mother gives her to me to marry.
We continue our relationship, along the line the lady told me she is no more interested in the relationship(but she still loves me) because he has someone he really loves, I was so worried about it because this lady has a good attitude, good background and she practices Islam regularly.
Right now, I have another lady that we both love each other but distance is keeping us for a meeting , she has a good attitude, good background but she does not practice Islam regularly. I did not receive any reveal about it and am fearing.
The question I want to ask about this issue is that, which of the lady should I go for? because am confuse right now


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