future tense divorce

Haroon rana asked 6 months ago

My new wife and I got into a heated argument over text, Just to put an end to the conversation I said Mai talaq denay laga ho (I want to divorce you), I’m going to go talk to my mom about it. my intention was for her to stop fighting. I never wanted to divorce her. Neither did I give her talaq nor did I go to my mom. we both just stopped texting after that and things got back to normal. My question is am I divorced for using the word talaq in my statement? if I am not wrong ”dene Laga ho” is a future tense right? please clarify I will be very thankful.

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Online love dua Staff answered 6 months ago

Praise be to Allah,
Listen, brother, I am explaining “Future tense divorce” in brief. So according to your question that you didn’t mean to give her divorce and you just tell her that I will give you divorce doesn’t break’s your marriage. Don’t worry you are not divorced according to Islam. 
According to al-Mutli‘ ‘ala al-Mustaqni‘ Divorce cant take place when you use future tense. Because saying I will give you divorce is like promising something which will happen in future so it’s not applicable. It’s not a statement and it’s more like you are threatening her.
You also said that you were not having any immediate intention with your saying so you are not divorced.