Eating MacDonald is Halal (Permissible) or Haram?

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Irum asked 4 months ago

I am from Italy i read on the internet that you can eat chicken cut by people of books fro example jews Christians so i want to know it is permissible because i love Macdonald KFC but i am confused plz help me guide me.

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Online love dua Staff answered 4 months ago

Assalam Alaikum,
Listen to me, brother. According to Hadith, you can eat that meat, which is butchered by Muslims, Christians, or jews. Your question was about Macdonald and KFC, so I will suggest you to not eat from there. Actually you should try to make a distance from where you have doubts about food. You don’t know who had butchered the chicken for Macdonald, so try to avoid that food.