Divorce issue or Women rights in Islam for divorce

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ifrah asked 3 weeks ago

My name is Ifrah. I am from Islamabad (Pakistan). I am 23 years old. I have a question about divorce.
When I was young, my family wanted me to marry my cousin. Since my childhood, I never liked him as a husband. My mother always insisted me accept this proposal but every time I denied it. When I completed my graduation. All family members insisted to accept this proposal. They said Allah will be happy if you accept this proposal because it is a wish for your parents.

Although I wasn’t happy, I accepted this proposal due to my parents’ happiness. My NIKAH held on 5th October 2019. It was just a NIKAH, not departure (Rukhsati). After that, I did everything to manage this relationship but still, I am not happy and not comfortable with my cousin. So I asked my parents that I want a divorce because I am not feeling comfortable and adjustable in this relationship so before any complications or problems I want to get a divorce. But they are denying. They say that you have no valid or strong reason for divorce. Although divorce hasn’t sinned you should avoid it.  They are saying you have to give more time to your relationship and your cousin. It is a matter of our honor. If you‘ll demand divorce than our reputation will spoil in front of family and society.  As time is passing, this relationship is becoming a burden and uncomfortable for me. All the time I am feeling depressed because all family members are forcing me to remain in this relationship.
Please give me a solution in this situation according to the Islamic point of view with reference so that I can defend myself and tell my family that Islam also gives some rights to women.