How to Deal With Bad Mother in Islam?

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anonymous friend asked 10 months ago

Hello, Salam Alaykum

I write for a friend who wants to keep anonymous, who has been sharing this only to me. His mother is giving him a really hard time and has been oppressing him for over 2 years now. She thinks him to be of extraordinary beauty and apparently obsessed with his look. They have always had the best relationship as mother and son until he got 18 and lost some body fat.

The mother now sometimes comes into his room in the night and secretly looks at him, and he has wakened up many times “catching her” were she quickly leaves the room. She also tries to seduce him, and he notices her showing cleavage while approaching a conversation, although she would never wear such clothes.

The problem may come from his father having an affair for 10+ years, she doesn’t pray, she always pretends to do so(minor shirk) which irritates him furthermore as she is being fake while doing her filthy actions which are very clear. He has lost his temper many times but never the problem directly.

But once he confronted her and yelled at her, while she was saying why are you such and such, so he lost his temper and yelled. ” WHY DO YOU COME AND LOOKED AT ME WHILE I AM SLEEPING THEN” she did not answer AT ALL. and not even tried to defend herself, which also shows he is not just accusing her, he tells me.

I am the only one he is telling this to, as she has ruined his life because her own life is ruined because she doesn’t pray etc. She also constantly talks about everybody. How should he deal with her? can he make dua against her? He knows her obligation towards her and accepts it, but how should he deal with his anger, as he doesn’t want to cut ties. Please answer soon with your advice and proof from the Quran and sunnah.


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